"Roxie, my 6 year old Sch 3 German Shepherd dog has always been skin and bones, no matter how much I fed her, and developed a severe allergy problem a few years ago (constant hot spots, crusty skin, itching, etc.). After dropping about $4,000 at the veterinary specialist's office for exams, pills and injections, my husband wanted to try Best Breed. We have switched foods several times over the years, so I was not too keen on switching yet again – believe me, we have tried many premium foods, nonetheless I decided to give it a try.I ordered the Working Dog Diet for our competitive dogs and German Dog Diet for our retired Sch 3 German import. The results are absolutely stunning. The improvement in Roxie's coat and overall condition are incredible. It has only been a few weeks and her skin is no longer crusty, the remaining hot spot is nearly healed and her ""itchiness"" is greatly reduced. Also, our 5 year old Sch 1, Jessie (a.k.a. Wild Child), who has always been ""very active,"" is much calmer and more focused in her work. I believe the Best Breed is affecting her behavior just as it is affecting Roxie's condition. I believe we have finally found the food that contains the proper balance of proteins, fats, and carbs for our girls. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product. It even smells good!!! And I would like to thank Kent especially for taking time to talk about Best Breed with me. He is very knowledgeable and was so nice to me when I called with questions about Best Breed.

Kathy - OH

"Just wanted to let you know that I have tried all the foods in the book for my SchH shepherd Aurelia and nothing produced solid stools and almost all caused incessant vomiting. My shepherd is pretty high drive and gets excited easily so I think she will always have some vomiting/intestinal issues, but your product definitely reduces it to almost none! She has a lot of Czech lines in her and is very lean...I could not get her to hold any weight...that is of course, until I started feeding her Best Breed!!! I tried your product one day at my SchH trainer Noel Coward's house when I ran out of my other food and she loved it!!! It didn't upset her stomach either!!! I am so incredibly happy with your product!!! My puppy gets excited about meal time now!

Thanks a million in Florida,

Ashley - FL

"Thanks- the schnauzer food is awesome!"

Iwona - CA

"I would like to order 66 pounds of the performance diet. I also just want to pass along that the quality of your food and service is fantastic. I recommend you guys to everyone when talking about dog food. I have used the fresh frozen raw diets (very expensive and hard to get), "Top of the line" commercial diets (you name them, I have used them) and now finally Best Breed. My dogs look and feel great and the food is delivered to my front door for about what it cost to buy the "Top of the Line" Commercial Dog foods. I could not be happier. I will continue to recommend Best Breed to everyone I know."

Stuart - TX

"I ordered Best Breed for the first time back in January or February of this year. The breeder said I could feed Euk or Working Dog Diet. "Saber" had been on Euk as a puppy but in January his hair started falling out! The vet couldn't figure it out and in a matter of 2 weeks he was balding on his head, face, chest and stomach. After only a week or so of eating your food his hair grew in shinier and softer than ever! His overall appearance and health is terrific. Your food is superior to any I have used before. Thank you for a great product."

Jennifer - OH

"Just wanted to drospana line, we purchased Schnauzer Diet a few months ago. Our schnauzer Gretal had problems with commercial food, but since we changed to the Best Breed Schnauzer Diet, Gretal has been doing great. We just opened her last 20 pound bag today and will be reordering when that gets low."

Brian & Jean

"Back in 1996, at the LV/DVG America National Championshispanin Orlando, FL, I sat and listened to a talk given by Dr. Gary Cotton, developer of the Best Breed dog diets, about nutrition for our working dogs. I was impressed by what he said. It gave me a lot to think about. The next year, again at our LV Championships in San Diego, CA, Dr. Cotton expanded further on his concepts of the type of nutrition required for peak performances out of our dogs. He sold me. I signed us up for delivery of the Best Breed German Dog Diet for our dogs and have been feeding it ever since. We (my husband and I) couldn't be happier with the energy, strength, endurance and overall health of our dogs. Their coats are shiny, their teeth are strong, their musculature defined and their energy unlimited."

Thanks, Dr. Cotton.

"I can't begin to express how happy I am with Best Breed. I switched to your German Dog Diet right after you attended our U.S.P.C.A. National Training Seminar. My Police K-9, Boss, had developed an allergy to another well known food and after speaking with you, I tried your food. His energy level has went up, his digestive health has improved and he is extremely excited at feeding time. With the other food, Boss would pick at it all day long and somedays only eat a minimal amount. Now he is eating every last bite. Thanks a million."

Off. Brian& K-9 Boss- OH

"I think Best Breed is the best food I have ever used. Low stool volume, great coats, excellent energy.Troy was the 2000 USA National Chamspanand on 4 consecutive WUSV World ChampionshispanTeams along with podium placings at numerous USA National Events."

Greg - MO

"I took my dogs in for routine check ups. My veterinarian told me "Your dogs look great. Usually we don't see dogs that look this good. What are you feeding them?" (Best Breed Working Dog Diet).

Fred - CA

"Zidane vom Haus Sevens Sch III, IP III, WUSVx2 and V-Kanto vom Firecatcher Sch III, IP3 are fed Best Breed German Dog Diet and Working Dog Diet. Alabama K9 and North Georgia K9 use Best Breed for all dogs and puppies at both facilities. The dogs love the taste and it is excellent for the immune system, coat, and overall health."

Marlene - AL

"I am a reluctant first time cat owner. I took in a cat when my niece found yet another one at her home. I had just lost my beloved Golden Retriever and seemed to need a pet for the house. Imagine my 'surprise' when I discovered five kitties upon arriving home from the horse barn one day. Well, the shorter story is that the two kitties I kept had lots of problems. Mostly skin issues but also they were not growing at a normal rate of maturity. I tried Science Diet for sensitive skin, Iams, and all the others and nothing seemed to make a difference. I was pretty sure I was going to lose one of the young cats. Mark Hochstettler suggested I try your food. Well, I wish I had taken pictures! The cats are doing beautifully. They have matured and no longer have the skin issues. They are all at a healthy weight and have so much more energy!

I thank Mark every week when I go in for bedding or horse feed for suggesting your food for my cats. They all thank you very much! I did my graduate work in animal nutrition and know the difference between 'just food' and quality food. This is the real deal!"

Thank you so much for caring enough to produce such a wonderful product!

Betsy - OH

"I gave our Sadie a bowl of Best Breed and she "wolfed" it down! I've never seen her consume a kibble dog food as quickly as she did the Best Breed!"

Dan - OH

"Dr. Cotten, I don't know if you will remember me or not, but I used to see you when you had a practice here in Findlay. Much to my broken heart I had to put Thomas down two months ago, he made it to the great age of 18 years old! We still have his sister and she is 15. I have had many people ask me lately what do you feed your dogs, including my current vet and the breeder we got the puppies from. I was able to proudly say that we have had nothing but Best Breed. They were amazed! We now have two new puppies (it was hard to get just one) and are going to start all over again with Best Breed. We hope to have the same success. Hope all is going well for you and please continue making a wonderful product."

Sue - OH

"We have been feeding the Best Breed Puppy Diet to our 9-month old Siberian Husky for the past month and have gotten amazing results. Her loose stool and horrible gas problem have been mostly eliminated."


"Unfortunately, I will be ordering less frequently. I had to say good bye to my Golden, Sonny, on Dec. 04, 2010. He was 12 1/2. He served as a Cadaver Search Dog for 8-9 years and was a valued member of the search community. I first met Dr. Cotton at a Search Dog Conference that our team, Ohio K 9 Search Team, sponsored in 1999. He spoke about dog nutrition etc. I was very impressed with the information Dr. Cotton presented. I started feeding Sonny Best Breed dog food immediately after hearing what Dr. Cotton had to say. He was on Best Breed the rest of his life. He had a healthy life and I was honored to have him for 12 1/2 years. I attribute much of his health to the quality of the food Best Breed has. Over the years I have told many people what I feed my dogs and why I use Best Breed. I want to thank you for your product and support all these years. I will continue to use Best Breed for my 7 year old Weimaraner, Dekon. I inherited him from my son. He is a very good dog and was also being trained for SAR. However, when Sonny got old and I retired him from SAR, I also retired from SAR."

Jim - OH

"I live in Washington state where the climate is mild. In July I took a trip to Idaho to do schutzhund training with some friends where it was no less than 105 degrees. When I first arrived I was concerned how the heat would affect my dog's ability to train. It was so hot! My young malinois had never been in heat like that, let alone trained in it. I was also concerned about his hydration. As it turned out his stamina and endurance was far and above the dogs that actually lived there and there were no issues with hydration. Of course I provided him with plenty of fresh water, but it was obvious the food I feed played a big part that weekend's success. I was asked by several people what I feed. I felt it was important for you to know the impact your food has on my dog. Thanks for making Best Breed Working Dog Diet!"

Teresa - WA