Best Breed Celebrates 20 Years!

This year we are excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary!  In 1994, Dr. Gary Cotton, DVM (Dr. Gary) founded Best Breed to help improve the health of his patients through nutrition.  While some things have changed over the years, such as packaging going from buckets and barrels to high-barrier poly bags; one formula has grown to a full line of dog and cat foods; AND there are a few more grey hairs around our office these days!  One thing has not changed and that is our unwavering dedication to Dr Gary's founding principles, the most important of which is centered around quality and doing what is best for the dog or cat.

Over the years, in the highly-competitive pet food market, we often see companies compromise such principles by "engineering" their food to fit a certain price point or marketing campaign. Best Breed's mission is very simply: consistently produce a high-quality food for dogs and cats by using only the highest quality ingredients available and the results will speak for themselves. Nearly everyday we hear of a new story from a pet parent who can not believe how healthy and energetic their dog or cat is after switching to our food, then 2 weeks later we often hear from that person's friend or family member asking where he or she can buy Best Breed.  It is this basic word-of-mouth marketing, that has played a key role in taking our company from just a few stores to hundreds today.  No multi-million dollar marketing campaigns - just noticeably healthy pets!

We would like to extend a special heartfelt THANK YOU to those, past and present, who have and continue to trust us to feed their furry friend.  Thank you for the past 20 years - we can not wait to see what the next 20 brings!

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NEW Lamb Formula

We are excited to announce the availability of our newest food - Lamb Meal with Fruits & Vegetables.  Our Lamb formula is an excellent food for all adult dogs, including those that have sensitivities to poultry as it does not contain "chicken" or "chicken fat" ingredients.

The formula begins with grass-fed Lamb sourced from New Zealand, followed by Omega-3 rich whitefish.  Best Breed whitefish comes from the U.S. and contains wild-caught Alaskan cod, flounder and halibut.  It is very high in protein and low in ash – meaning it is one of the best meats available!  Following the meats are only wholesome, non-GMO grains that are highly nutritious and easily digestible.  We also use plenty of fruits and vegetables as healthful sources of fiber and antioxidants.  The cranberries used in this formula are also excellent for urinary tract and stomach health and the formula’s main source of glucosamine and chondroitin, New Zealand Green Mussel, is an all-natural ingredient that assists in joint and connective tissue health.

To learn more visit the Lamb Meal with Fruits & Vegetables product page.

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