Question: When comparing ingredients listed on pet food labels, what is the difference between meat meals, such as “chicken meal” or “salmon meal,” and meat, such as “chicken” or “salmon?”
Answer: When evaluating commercial pet foods, consumers are often misled to believe that they are buying a meat-based diet, but in reality, if the diet lists “chicken,” not “chicken meal” as its first ingredient and does not list a “meat meal” as the second or third ingredient, they are likely purchasing food that is grain-based in its final form. When a label says "chicken," it usually means raw chicken, which typically has between 60% to 70% water content. AAFCO label rules require that ingredients be listed from heaviest to lightest, with or without water content. In many diets “Chicken” meats are heavier than grains and other ingredients prior to cooking and listed in such a manner on the guaranteed analysis panel, but during the cooking process moisture contained in the meat is reduced, leaving the total formula as a grain-based food. Comparison
Question: Why does Best Breed use plastic bags versus paper bags?
Answer: Best Breed’s formulas are packaged in multi-layer high oxygen barrier poly bags to keep nutrient-destroying oxygen out and preserve freshness, therefore maximizing palatability and nutrient availability. Further, to maintain freshness once opened, our bags are designed with a convenient top-slider, resealable zipper.